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Kartonval Ltd. was founded in early 1998. year, when it started the activities to ensure production space and equipment installation. Space is provided within the old Sugar Factory  in Šabac, where Kartonval was leased for the first few years, then bought the building structrue in which the plant for production of corrugated board panels is located.

At an auction in 2006.,Kartonval Ltd., along with its founders Karteks Ltd. and Bobex LtD., bought  the whole site of ex- Sugar Factory in the industrial zone in Šabac, which occupies about 130 hectars.

Today, on this site, there are manufacturing facilities of Kartonval, Karteks and Bobex.

Kartonval has strated with trial production of corrugated cardboard in Šabac on 17th July 1999. Since then, the production was increasing each year, as well as its market share. By the year 2006., Kartonval has been positioned as one of the leaders on the market, and reached the maximum production in relation to its production capacity.

Further on, Kartonval has continued to invest in the production, particulary taking into account the high quality of its corrugated cardboard (participated in the project for cleaner production, under the auspices of UNIDO, in December 2008.), delivery terms and created a company that presents, in all field of activities,  a reliable partner for cooperation.

Along the drive, in Kartonval-Ipok, Zrenjanin, the purchase and storage of corn is taking place.

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Indentification information, a certificate of VAT registration, certificate of incorporation